ePCHelp, Inc. was first started in the state of NV in 2013 and later moved to WY in 2016. Since then ePCHelp, Inc. is working with other states in the USA as a foreign corporation. We registered to do business in SC in the year of 2018. ePCHelp, Inc. solution offerings are based on the concept of full IT staffing life cycle. ePCHelp ensures planned, result-oriented and end-to-end staffing solution with emphasis on planning, account management and change management with consistent monitoring and tracking of resources which results in substantial reduction of implementation related risks and disruptions. ePCHelp provides high value solutions for various state governments in the USA, using the proven staffing methodology. ePCHelp utilizes best practices facilitating clients a chance to understand technical possibilities effectively utilizing the power of technology.

ePCHelp is working with various organizations in private and public sector. It offers necessary resources and expertise to augment client IT staffing needs. With more than 5 years of experience in IT consulting and innovation, ePCHelp understands how to assess customer’s needs, from both a business and technological perspective. ePCHelp offers an array of services through its Cost Optimization practices that will help customers assess, optimize, and consolidate their IT resources. Customers will then be able to make the move through a realistic assessment to see how our staffing can meet their requirements for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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