IAM Consultant with SAML, Agent Based Integration, Security SOC, REST API, SPML-portals, cloud and FBI/CJIS experience

Job ID: MNSITE-1613 (90090910)

IAM Consultant with SAML, Agent Based Integration, Security SOC, REST API, SPML-portals, cloud and FBI/CJIS experience

Location: 1430 Maryland Avenue St Paul MN (DPS)
Duration: 5 months
Interview: In-person
Positions: 1 (1/1)

Minimum Qualifications
• 10 Years of combined experience in at least four of the following:
– SAML based federations
– Agent Based Authentication
– Integration (including table integration)
– Security SOC
– Rest API
– SPML-portals.
• 3 years of combined experience with on-site and cloud based IAM solutions.
• 3 years of experience scaling IAM solutions in smaller organizations with 30,000 – 50,000 users
Desired Skills
• Recent hands-on experience implementing an IAM solution.
• Knowledge of Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security requirements.
• Knowledge of Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security requirements.

Phase 1 Sample Tasks
• Gather and understand BCA IAM functional and technical requirements.
• Review and understand FBI and Minnesota CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) requirements related to an IAM solution for BCA systems.
• Based on the requirements gathered, investigate available on premise and hosted IAM solutions to identify potential options that would be appropriate for the organization.
• Complete an analysis of potential IAM solutions. Provide an assessment of a minimum of four IAM solution options based on the analysis, including recommendations of top options.

• Information on the options should include (but is not limited to):
o Cost information
– Initial software and license fees.
– Installation including installation/implementing with all services using IAM. (Include internal effort estimates.)
– Ongoing vendor license and maintenance options.
– Cloud and/or hosting options.
o Identify effort / tasks needed for ongoing internal configurations and support.
– Annual effort /cost estimates.
o Identify hardware and infrastructure needs, including ongoing support and licensing.
o Cloud based vs. hosted vs. on-site configuration considerations and options.
o Ability to support multiple independent environments (minimum three).
o Future growth and functionality abilities and considerations.
o A risk/benefit and/or Strength/Weakness/Opportunity and /Threat (SWOT) analysis.
o Recommendations on:
– Proof of Concept (POC) strategy.
– Implementation, including phased rollout of the solution as feasible.
– Training – initial and ongoing.

Potential Phase 2
MNJIS functional and technical management and subject matter experts will review and evaluate the recommendations presented, and decide next steps. A result of their decision, the contract may be extended. Specific time, work and funding for a second phase will be defined in more detail upon the decision and approval to move forward.

Phase Two Sample Tasks:
• Execution of Proof of Concept activities based on those identified in the POC strategy.
• Detailed implementation phase(s) planning, which may move into execution of those plans.
• Knowledge transfer and hands on experience for internal staff that will provide long term support.

Description of Project
An Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution is currently in use for Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) applications and interfaces. It is managed and supported by Minnesota Justice Information Services (MNJIS). The solution in place is reaching a critical point in its lifecycle, and will need action taken soon to ensure continued security and access administration for internal and external BCA system users. We need to plan and prepare for the replacement of the current IAM solution. We are requesting an IAM Security Analyst/IAM Security Architecture consultant to gather BCA IAM requirements and needs, and based on the information gathered provide options and recommendations for how to proceed. The resource will be able to use the knowledge they have acquired to help guide us toward options and solutions that will meet our business and technical needs and are appropriate for our size and infrastructure, and provide options for future growth and functionality


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