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Job ID: EPC-WA-1624-627 (99990112)

.Net/C# Developer with ASP.Net, AJAX, JavaScript, TFS, SQL Server, SSRS, SSIS, IIS, web services, messaging, active directory and tribal/healthcare experience

Location: 4500 10th Avenue SE, Lacey, WA 98504 (DSHS)
Duration: 6 months

(a) Mandatory Requirements
• Designing, developing, testing, and implementing secure public facing programs and database code required for single and multiple tier business applications and systems in distributed multi-user environments.
• Experience with Windows server class operating systems, Windows client, and Internet browser environments.
• Designing, testing and implementing relational databases, including a full understanding of MS SQL Server, SQL reporting, stored procedures, SSIS packages, and SQL scripting
• Designing, testing and implementing secure public-facing web applications using both client-side languages and server side Object Oriented Programming (OOP) languages. Examples of languages include C Sharp (C#), ASP.NET, AJAX, JavaScript.
• Experience with Microsoft integrated development environments and tool sets including Visual Studio and TFS.
• Experience in programming, testing, and maintaining program code for systems using configuration and object management tools.
• Programming thick or thin GUI’s/clients or web based systems.
• Ability to provide guidance, peer mentoring and knowledge transfer for State staff; have a full understanding of testing processes & procedures; and be willing to work within the agency’s configuration management process.

(b) Desired Requirements
• Experience developing and supporting agency-level applications within the DSHS environment.
• Knowledge of development technologies such as IIS, HTML, XHTML, HTTP/HTTPS to presentation layer, Web Services, messaging and middleware.
• Knowledge of system interfaces and experience developing code to work with Microsoft’s Active Directory and Secure Access Washington operated by Washington Technology Services (WaTech).
• Knowledge of system interfaces and experience developing code to work with OneHealthPort (https://www.onehealthport.com/)
• Knowledge of and experience within a mature software development lifecycle.
• Experience developing and supporting healthcare and/or tribal related data systems.

The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) currently operates the Behavioral Health Data System (BHDS), which is designed to receive batch data submittals through internal interfaces, and through Washington Technology Services (WaTech) secure file transfer (SFT) service. County-based behavioral health organizations (BHOs), contracting with mental health (MH) and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment providers serve clients of BHA. Client data is collected and transmitted to BHA from the BHOs.

An additional frontend application is needed for the American Indian/Alaskan Native (AI/AN) Fee-for-Service clients who receive services from one of the 400+ MH/SUD providers across the State. This frontend must allow for transactional input by providers, coming through the Secure Access Washington (SAW) gateway. As noted, this frontend must be fully operational by June 30, 2017.

Scope of Work

DSHS is in need of an expert/senior level applications developer who can design and
develop an intelligent frontend to the existing BHDS database. This user centric transactional frontend will validate data entry based on existing business rules. The primary deliverable is an operational frontend that has been successfully tested to meet the business
requirements. The Contractor has a very short window in which to complete this work, as the frontend must be fully operational by June 30, 2017. .

The Contractor will provide assistance to BHA for application design and development efforts, and in the creation of any templates that will assist with future BHA Headquarters’ development efforts. The resource will be expected to provide, at minimum, the following:

• System design and development to support internal DSHS business processes.
• Templates for code/application design and development efforts.
• Assistance with the integration process of agency systems.
• Full technical and functional documentation of assigned applications to include:
o Visio process workflow diagrams.
o Applicable in-code and supplemental code documentation.
• Development of website with approved infrastructure and coding language.
• Ability to work with and transfer knowledge to internal DSHS staff.
• Consultation, for the period of this Contract, on deliverables stated in Section 2 of this