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Job Id: EPC-WA-WR-2016-1129-TS (99991212)

SSIS Developer with SQL Server, Informatica Power Center, T-SQL, data warehouse and PowerExchange Experience

Location: Olympia, WA (DOT)
Duration: 3 Months

Mandatory Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Minimum 5 years of experience in creating and maintaining
Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes using SQL Server
Integration Services (SSIS) and / or Informatica Power Center.
Minimum 5 years of experience writing complex queries using
Transact SQL for reporting and data validation purposes.
Minimum 5 years of experience using Microsoft SQL Server
2000, 2005, and 2008 r2 software tools to administer and/or
manage SQL Server databases.
Minimum 5 years of experience working with large organizations
(over 1000 employees).
Minimum 5 years of experience employing data warehouse
principles and theories, including knowledge of the various
tactical approaches to data warehouse development.

Desirable Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Understanding of database modeling and design principles and ability to use a data model diagram.
Experience using PowerExchange for Mainframe ADABAS.

The successful candidate will:
a) Participate in project team meetings and work closely with the data warehouse
administrator, ETL staff, data modelers, database administrators, support analysts, report
writers, and the data warehouse project manager to create ETL routines. Creating ETL
routines includes writing the code that creates the transformations and processes that
move data from the specified sources, transform it as required and write it into the data
mart. Client requirements and database design specifications will be provided by WSDOT
b) Test target data structures to ensure that all works as designed.
c) Verify identified data sources to ensure that the needed data can be properly provided.
d) Write technical documentation of ETL routines to explain how the routines operate to meet
requirements and design specifications.
e) Provide technical assistance to write complex data-mart queries, based on the detailed
knowledge gained during the construction of ETL routines.
f) Assist in troubleshooting data loading and data warehouse performance issues.
Participation by WSDOT Personnel: The Data Warehouse Administrator will be responsible for
assigning projects, tasks and daily supervision. The contractor will coordinate their work with data
modelers, database administrators, support analysts, and the data mart project manager.
Organizational Conflicts of Interest: Consultant acknowledges that WSDOT has a policy on
Organizational Conflicts of Interest that is implemented by Secretary’s Executive Order E 1059.00
and the Organizational Conflicts of Interest Manual M 3043. Consultant agrees to abide by
Washington State Department of Washington State Department of Transportation

WSDOT’s policies as described therein on this contract and any project or contract related to this
contract. This provision shall be required to be implemented in all sub-consultant agreements, at
all tiers.
Contractor’s Interaction
Senior Data Warehouse Analyst will be required to interact with State employees and contractors.
Any disputes or conflicts will be addressed in writing to the Manager of WSDOT ITD Data Resource